Spotlight! is a service company with many years of experience supporting early-stage entrepreneurs in Europe and around the world. Operating at the intersection of technology, ingenuity and originality, we focus on the digital lifestyle and support in startups, brands and related  

We partner with bold technology companies to build successful, global companies that shape the future of tomorrow. We are looking for inspiring personalities with big ideas who like to take on challenges and together with the entrepreneurs we build strong brands to make the world a special place.

We accompany our portfolio companies and support them in strategic decisions and operational challenges. Our team has many years of experience in the areas of business model development, sales, new work, marketing and public relations. We have access to a global ecosystem and connect you with the right players from business, science, research, VCs, private investors, business angels or suitable multipliers.

Would you like to be inspired, challenged and encouraged? Then you are exactly right with us!


Sophia Tran

Sophia supports up-and-coming digital start-ups. Through her work there as an investor, as VP of the LaFutura trend network, as state spokeswoman for the startup association and most recently for the startup incubator and accelerator DIGITALHUB.DE, she has an ear to the needs of young companies and knows how successful startups come about.

She also travels the world to learn about new trends and innovations, speaks and moderates at international tech conferences and is particularly known as a tech influencer on social networks, through her blog and on television (Galileo, Abenteuer Leben).

Ramtin Ramin

Ramtin proved his entrepreneurial spirit at a young age by founding his own marketing agency at the age of 19. Over the course of his career, he has held management positions at agencies such as FAKTOR 3, C3 Creative Code and Content and UDG Group.

He also makes an active contribution to the industry as Chairman of the Board of the IoT+ Network and as a mentor of the Digital Hub Initiative.

Ramtin was Director of Marketing & Investment at the Berlin-based venture studio Next Big Thing AG and has extensive experience in this field.

Anshul Srivastava
Venture Analyst

Anshul is currently studying management and engineering and loves to immerse himself in the world of venture capital. He is your go-to person when it comes to analyzing startups and identifying market potential. His background also includes work in business development, financial management, product development and customer service. Anshul’s versatile approach is characterized by his work in the Aachen Entrepreneurship Team and his volunteer work at Techstars.

Feelgood Management

As an expert in well-being and relaxation, he ensures a positive working atmosphere in the team. His responsibilities include cheering up, increasing well-being through short walks and strengthening team spirit through his loving presence.

With his friendly nature and ability to reduce stress, Balou is an indispensable addition to our team.

Darleen Klug
Community & Events

Darleen is a trilingual, multi-faceted individual with a rich range of different experiences. She was born in Germany, raised in Portugal, and by moving to the UK on her own at the age of 18 in 2015, she opened many doors. Als sie 2015 im Alter von 18 Jahren alleine nach Großbritannien zog, öffnete sie viele Türen.

Through exploring various industries from filmmaking to tech recruitment, and through Darleen’s international background and personal challenges she became deeply committed to fostering inclusive communities and safer spaces, driven by her desire to propel Diversity & Inclusion forward.

Elif Bulut
Marketing & Communications

Elif ist angehende Technikjournalismus/PR-Managerin. At Spotlight! Ventures, she is responsible for online marketing and PR work. Her strengths include determination, creativity and of course writing.

Elif has a particularly keen eye for visualization and loves to get creative with visual communication. In her free time, Elif also engages in imaginative activities.

Marc Bremer
Media Production

Driven by passion, dedication and attention to detail, his goal is to capture unique moments forever. Even as a small boy, Marc was interested in creative things such as music and design, and his fascination with creating special things turned his hobby into a profession.

Marc manages to get everyone in front of his lens and produce unforgettable images and videos.


Milad Bazzaz

Milad is a partner and tax consultant at taavas GmbH WPG, a “tax boutique” for the startup ecosystem. In addition, he is Head of Tax at a well-known startup from Offenburg (sevDesk GmbH, 30 million sales, 300 employees). Milad previously worked at Mazars WPG and Ernst & Young GmbH WPG (market leader in Germany).

His consulting focus is on corporate loyalty law as well as tax structuring and restructuring, M&A of corporations, especially from the start-up ecosystem. In addition, he accompanies startups in capital rounds and due diligence reviews.

Peter Siedlatzek

Peter has been advising startups / scaleups / ventures and investors for over 16 years. He is an entrepreneur himself, focuses on economic relationships and accompanies young companies from foundation to exit. He also advises business angels, venture capital companies and strategic investors on financing rounds and exits. He was able to steadily expand his experience on the basis of more than 180 corporate transactions.

Mirko Twardy

Mirko has been a management consultant in the field of “subsidies” for more than 10 years. For a few years he has also been involved in various formats as a startup coach and also writes for startup magazines on the latest trends in the funding and start-up sector.

Sören Steuber

Sören is a tax consultant and tax coach with business roots and his own founding experience. His specialization is the holistic tax advice of start-ups as an ongoing sparring partner and the creation of win-win situations.

Björn Angenendt
Finance & Controlling

After leaving the Haniel Group, Björn is the finance all-rounder MD of CoCo Finance at the Rhein-Ruhr location. Since 2019 he has been supporting start-ups, their investors and the network partners involved in the ecosystem in their venture activities.

Florian Hoffstaedter
Strategy & Growth

Florian brings 15 years of experience in entrepreneurial development, management and scaling of digital companies and business areas. He himself was responsible for the digital transformation of medium-sized companies as the founder of an e-commerce start-up and a consulting firm. In addition, he draws on the knowledge he has gained from his positions at corporate digital start-ups. This includes his role as Managing Director of a B2B SaaS solution in the construction industry. He was able to develop new business models and successfully introduce them to the market.

Michael Schneider
Strategy & Funding

Michael is a Serial Entrepreneur & Startup Founder with two exits, twice COO and corporate and venture builder with a strong passion for business development, growth hacking, PR, fundraising and B2B sales.

Dr. Denis Jung

Dennis is an entrepreneur, strategy consultant and C-level operations manager with more than 11 years of experience in startup companies and SMBs The focus of his work is on business development and on supporting start-ups in acquiring venture capital.

Marvin Bührmann

Marvin supports startups (Seedstage+) with go-to-market strategies and operational implementation in sales. He provides both SDRs/ Account Managers and Account Executives who operate from the startup’s environment (CRM etc.) to realize your runway goals.

Florian Hoppen

Florian is the Founder and CEO of GoToMarket. Ninja (GTMN), a premier B2B sales advisory boutique created for early-stage B2B ventures. GTMN combines psychology with business acumen, understands the emotion-driven human being behind every business, and focuses sales for impact.

Ronny Höher

Born in Berlin, Ronny has already lived in different German cities, but also in New York and Hong Kong. His cross-industry experience with large, international corporations, network agencies, medium-sized companies and start-ups helps Ronny today in his work as co-owner of a design agency in Essen. The focus there is on packaging and brand design.

Marcel Schubert

Marcel is a brand strategist and managing director of the disruptive branding agency burnt GmbH. Marcel takes up many theses from the German version of the book THE BRAND GAP, combined with his 20 years of experience in brand development, in his lectures and in his own podcast “Brands after hours”. He advises companies on how to position their brand disruptively, validated and successfully.

Benjamin Debonneville
Online Marketing

Benjamin is a B2B brand strategy designer and passionate about innovation and entrepreneurship. He believes in the power of design to represent complex ideas and create meaningful connections between brands and their audience. With years of experience in the industry, Benjamin has honed his skills in brand identity, visual communication and user experience design.

Philip Gawlik
Video Production

Philip is a Celle-born filmmaker and art director. With years of experience in directing, camera and editing as well as productions in Thailand, Kenya, France and Germany, Philip now lives in Cologne.

Martin Rohler
Culture & Mindset

Martin has over 20 years of professional experience in building teams and organizational structures. He is firmly convinced that, in addition to the talent and skills of the individuals, well-matched personality constellations must be ensured in teams so that the teams can achieve their best possible performance and develop further together. Martin’s vision is to give people the opportunity to develop in environments that suit them so that they have the best possible opportunities to reach their full potential.

Christian Graser
Talents & HR

Through his many years of work in finance and human resources, Christian has realized that in our fast-paced society, the human in human resources is increasingly taking a back seat and the numbers rule.
Together with his co-founders Sebastian and Stephan, he wants to break new ground and disrupt the conventional recruitment scene with his ANGEHEUERT approach.

Deyan Denchev
Software Development

Deyan is CEO of Lexis Solutions. He streamlines discussions, brainstorm client issues, and provide tailored solutions, minimizing lengthy communication and revisions.His mission: transforming app ideas and business opportunities into reality.

Bijan Soltani
Data Analyst

Bijan is co-founder at Gemma Analytics providing solutions for analytics and business intelligence needs. From data engineering to visualization, from start-up to multinational, Bijan is passionate about data.

Anil Gökkaya
Software Development

Yaroslav Golovach
Software Development

As the founder of Codemotion, Yaroslav comes from a family of engineers and has a natural passion for problem solving. Since 2011 he has been connecting startup founders with top engineering talent, improving technical operations and turning ideas into innovative products. Let’s work together to bring your vision to life.

and many moore…